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Out of pocket after breaking your lease?

27 Jun 2017 by Vanessa in Business Advice

Tenants of commercial premises will no doubt be familiar with the potential pitfalls surrounding tenants’ break rights.
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What you should know about social media, your employees and the law

14 Apr 2014 by Helen in Business Advice

It doesn’t matter whether your company is active on social media platforms. Your employees certainly are. So whether you are prepared or not, you should update your procedures and practices. Here are a couple of basic questions you should already be facing head-on:
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How to avoid turkeys at your Christmas Party

10 Dec 2013 by Helen in Business Advice

What a treat. Organising the office Christmas party! You’ve worked hard all year and so have your staff. A Christmas party seems the perfect opportunity to let your hair down, relax and treat your employees to the fun-filled night they deserve.
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