National Dispute Resolution Week 2014

Dispute Resolution Week runs from 24th to 28th November 2014.

Itís the third annual awareness-raising week held by Resolution, an organisation of family lawyers and professionals committed to taking conflict out of family disputes. The aim is to give people an alternative to taking the traditional court route.

The campaign focuses on non-confrontational methods of resolving family breakdown, such as mediation and collaborative law.

As part of Resolution weed, Solicitors in Solihull who are members of Resolution will join together in raising awareness of the benefits these alternative routes can bring.

Resolution without court proceedings

Recent changes to the law mean every family dispute applying to court must try mediation first (with some exceptions).

Although not every case will find mediation suitable, the aim is for the parties to resolve their differences in a non-confrontational manner in order to reach a mutual agreement.

An impartial mediator meets both parties, either in the same room, or separately. They try to aid communication between the two, ensuring one party isnít overwhelming the other. However the mediator cannot provide legal advice to either party.

Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law is a relatively new process and is often seen as an extension to Family Mediation. It allows each partyís lawyer to assist their client in achieving a satisfactory outcome.

Discussions are all carried out during a series of face to face meetings. Both lawyers work together to help the couple find solutions to the issues arising from separation in a collaborative not confrontational manner.

Cutting out the potentially protracted and acrimonious correspondence of traditional legal representation often makes the collaborative process more cost effective and less stressful for all involved. Where people are able to talk, they are much more likely to reach an agreement that they are both happy with.

Can we help?

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