Volunteering at Newlands Bishop Farm

In some of our previous posts, you may have noticed we like to get involved in charity events.

We spend so much time working at our desks, that when the opportunity for a little fresh air, or exercise arises, whilst helping a great local charity, we have plenty of willing volunteers.

Volunteering at Newlands Bishop Farm

Last week, 20 of our solicitors and support staff volunteered to help out at Newlands Bishop Farm in Catherine de Barnes, Solihull.

Practical chores such as log splitting, weeding and harvesting potatoes and parsnips were on the agenda on the first day. While scrubbing vegetables, weeding and picking raspberries and broccoli kept us busy on the second day.

No joke

Of course, our team took it all very seriously and no-one made any jokes about the odd shaped vegetables they found ;-)

We were very impressed with the quantity of the crops the project workers at the farm have produced and some were enormous!

Everyone who took part deserves a big “Well Done!” for all their hard work. Safe to say, there were a few sore backs the next day!!

A fantastic project

The farm is a fantastic project and has been developed to give people with learning disabilities and mental health problems the opportunity to learn work based skills.

Since 2002 when the project joined the Family Care Trust, the farm has developed significantly and we were pleased to be invited to support this great local charity.

For more information please visit https://newlandsbishopfarm.co.uk/. If you would like to visit the farm, it is free to go in and they have a great café.

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