More on the Growth and Infrastructure Bill 2012-13

Further to our post on Home Extension Plans Extending dated 21/4/13.

The growth and infrastructure bill was again debated in the House of the Lords and the House of Commons last week.

The bill includes a proposal to change the rules regarding planning permission for home extensions. Critics of the original bill expressed concerns that the relaxation of planning rules for home extensions would cause a significant rise in neighbour disputes.

Can they agree on amendments?

The Bill returned to the Lords on Monday to see if they would agree on the amendments announced by Communities Secretary, Eric Pickles last week. Since then it has gone to and fro between the House of Lords and the House of Commons.

The two houses have to agree on the same version of the Bill.

Ping Pong

This back and forth process is known as 'ping pong'. If the Bill goes back and forth too many times without either side giving way (e.g. by suggesting passing a slightly different amendment) or runs out of time, then it will fail altogether.

This is unlikely to happen and it will probably be enacted before the end of the session at the beginning of May.

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