35 years loyal service

Many of our clients and visitors will have come to know our long-serving receptionist, Hazel Jones who has served the firm with great loyalty since June 1982.

After 35 years, Hazel is retiring to spend more time on her favourite hobbies; gardening, a local social club and travelling.

Seen many changes

Hazel has seen many changes within the firm, especially in terms of changes in telephone equipment and other advances in technology.

Telephone switch boards with holes, plugs and cables have been replaced with hosted VOIP telephone systems. Fax machines needing to be hand fed paper a single sheets at a time have been replaced with emails or multi-function devices that fax, print, scan, copy and collate documents.

A growing firm and an emotional goodbye

The firm has also grown substantially in size from about 6 members of staff in 1982 to over 40 in 2017.

We marked Hazelís retirement with a staff outing to Blenheim Palace, where we enjoyed tours of the palace and grounds, along with a delicious buffet lunch and afternoon tea.

Emotional, funny and heart-felt speeches from Hazel and the senior director, Paul Hughes (who has himself worked here for over 33 years), followed by the presentation of gifts were all well received and resulted in a few moist eyes from colleagues.

On behalf of all the clients and staff at Wallace Robinson & Morgan, I would like to wish Hazel a very long and happy retirement.

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