Bowling evening Ė donít give up the day job

Itís July, and time for another fun, after-work social evening.

After a busy day at work itís lovely to play bowls and relax together. Thanks to the volunteers from Solihull Bowling Club, and for inviting us back.

We all really enjoyed it. The weather was kind, the refreshments went down far too well and the bowling club members were very friendly and helpful.

And the bowling?


Letís just say, many of us need a lot more practice Ė and wonít be giving up our day jobs.

Some showed a little more skill (or luck) than others, but the ďcompetitionĒ was great fun. Congratulations go to Christine who won the knock-out tournament. Although I do think sheís been practising.

Look out, duck

We narrowly avoided knocking over the baby ducklings who insisted on parading around the green throughout the event.

And the club even said we are welcome back next year. We applaud your patience, gentlemen. Many thanks for giving up your evening to give us such a good time.

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