Find out more about collaborative law

For over 100,000 couples every year, divorce is a reality they have to get used to, and most will end up doing battle in Court. Often the conflict can go on for years.

However, our ‘normal’ adversarial system of divorce is not the only route you can take.

Where Collaborative Law comes in

If you genuinely want to get a divorce and still be friends, this is where collaborative family law comes in.

With collaborative law, you meet together with your lawyers and work out arrangements face to face.

This requires commitment to deal with, and face, emotional issues that are raw and hurtful. You have the benefit of legal advice throughout the process, but the aim is to resolve disputes without ever needing to go to Court.

A better solution

Evidence suggests collaborative law often leads to better relationships between ex-spouses, is better for children and is known for prompt resolution.

Most importantly, it creates an open dialogue working through every aspect of a split – from practical to emotional.

It can also help both parties to feel positive about their future relationship, being happily unmarried forever.

Find out more

To find out more about collaborative law and whether it might be ideal for you, come along and find out more.

You can meet a number of collaborative lawyers at Touchwood, Solihull on Monday 23rd November 2015.

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