Richard Guest v Executors of Tracey Leaning

Daniel Zakis, Director of Wallace Robinson & Morgan and head of the firm’s Dispute Resolution department is currently acting for a Mr Richard Guest in a case which has come to the attention of the media following a recent Daily Mail interview.

Final wishes

Mr Guest’s case relates to his claim to ensure the final wishes of his partner, Tracey Leaning, are carried out in accordance with the Will she made after she learned her illness was terminal.

Miss Leaning’s previous Will left her estate to the Dogs Trust, World Society for the Protection of Animals, Friends of the Animals and Heart Research UK but after a 5 year relationship with Richard, she re-wrote her Will to reflect her final wishes.

A very sad situation

His solicitor, Daniel Zakis, said, “It is clearly a very sad situation and the position of the charities is disappointing as there can be no doubt what Miss Leaning’s final wishes were. I will continue to work for a positive outcome for Richard who is committed to honouring Tracey’s wishes.”

This Daily Mail newspaper article has further details of the case.

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