Sing Solihull Choir

Hands up who knew Wallace Robinson & Morgan staff could sing?

Well it may surprise you – it certainly surprised us – to find out that not only are we business professionals, but it appears some of us can sign a note or two!

An invitation

In September this year, Solihull Business Improvement District (Solihull BID) invited employees from local businesses to join a new choir, called Sing Solihull.

Rehearsals take place every other Thursday at Yates’ Bar on Poplar Road, Solihull during our lunchbreak – and no, we don’t drink at rehearsals!

After a bit of arm twisting and persuasion, eight members of the WRM team decided to have a go.

Many of us have not sung since being at school and would not have known a melody from a harmony.

However, under the expert guidance of Anya Small, the Director of Solihull Pop Chorus, we have found our voices and now sing in 4-part harmonies.

All female choir

Our choir is currently all female, singing in 4 sections (sopranos 1 & 2 and altos 1 & 2) but we could really do with recruiting some men to add those lovely lower notes.

We sing by ear and so you don’t need to be able to read music - just listen and repeat. It is proving to be great fun and really lifts the spirits.

The tracks we are learning are all well known, popular songs and so far have included:

Imagine – John Lennon
Viva la Vida – Coldplay
Wings – Birdy

Singing in public

After only a few weeks of rehearsals we got caught off guard and apparently agreed to sing in public. Not sure how that happened.

So, on 23 November 2017 and having only had a few weeks to rehearse, the Sing Solihull choir performed a rendition of Wings by Birdy at the Solihull BID Excellence Awards in front of about 430 people.

Nerves were well and truly setting in while we waited back stage.

At last we were introduced but Sameena Ali Khan the ITV News Central presenter and we walked out onto the stage to a round of applause.

It was very exciting and the nerves just disappeared – well almost.

Anyone who has been to these types of events know that the audience don’t always give the “entertainment” their full attention but to our relief the choir was very well received.

The audience seemed to really enjoy the performance and we got a huge round of applause at the end so we must have been OK!

Well done

I'd just like to say a huge WELL DONE to Aimee, Maria, Dipika, Sharon, Michelle (and me!) for facing up to the nerves and putting on a fantastic first performance as part of the Solihull BID's Sing Solihull choir.

Kathryn and Karen have been rehearsing hard too but were unable to attend the performance. Look out for them at our next event.

Fancy joining us?

So, if anyone else who works for one of the Solihull BID area businesses would like to join the choir, do contact Solihull BID on 0121 285 1370.

We will be learning some Christmassy songs during December so you can amaze your family with your new vocal talent.

We hope that our first public event won’t be our last, so watch this space for news of our next show stopping performance

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