A first day in court for a trainee Solicitor

Before Christmas really gets underway, here’s another instalment of my diary.

My life is about to be mince pies, Christmas jumpers and the social/work tightrope act of office Christmas parties. How quickly that has come around!

Of course in between all that excitement, the family department at Wallace Robinson will be busier than ever helping clients through the tumultuous terrain of the Christmas holidays. I’m glad I’ve always enjoyed a challenge...

Great experience

It has been great to get to know clients over the last few months.

Knowing that every step we take together is helping towards a resolution (hopefully for some, in time for them to make some resolutions of their own for New Year).

It really is a satisfying feeling knowing that advice you’ve given has made lives a little easier, or given a different perspective to an issue that’s been unsolved for months.

New challenges

Every day my supervisor, Kathryn gives me a new challenge.

She helps me to push my training further and try things which a month ago would have seemed impossible.

Seeing documents and letters go out to clients based on my initial research and drafting is so satisfying and of course each time I learn more and more about the processes.

My first day in court

Even more excitingly, November offered my first opportunity to go to court.

The ‘juicy’ bit of the job, court holds more excitement for a trainee solicitor than perhaps Christmas Day itself (although ask me again in 2 weeks’ time).

There I was, bright and early trawling the sheets of court listings to find my case, faced with the slightly awkward task of picking out our Barrister amongst the waiting room full of Barristers with only a small grainy photo to go on.

On about my fifth garbled introduction of “Hi I’m Anna, the trainee here to takes notes” I found him. Phew. And to my huge relief, taking notes (and nodding silently in agreement to his suggestions to our client) was all he required of me!

Faced with my first proper, real-life judge (yes, really) I sat in awe as both counsels set out their case and listened for the Judge’s opinion.

She really was all I’d hoped for; wise, stern and formidable, I was glad I was sat out of her eye-line! There is no better way of learning than being immersed in the action and I’m so grateful I am getting those opportunities.

See you in the New Year

I look forward to what the New Year holds for me as a slightly less green trainee. I for one have a resolution to accept every chance to learn by doing - a more exciting prospect than last year’s ‘just soup at lunchtime’ yawn-fest!

Have a Happy Christmas and a great New Year.

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