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Employment Training Services

Employment law is complex. Getting key decisions wrong can cost time, money and damage reputations.

By training your executives, senior managers, line managers and HR professionals to deal with employment issues in the correct way, we will help you avoid legal headaches in the future.

Practical, Interactive Workshops

Our friendly, helpful Employment Law team offer practical, interactive workshops to guide you through the key employment topics.

This essential training covers the following areas:

An introduction to Employment Law

An introduction to key employment matters. What you need to know and understand about how employment law impacts your business.

Managing Absence

Helping you identify the root causes of absenteeism. Giving you the skills to manage absences to enable your staff return to work in a professional and fair way.

Disciplinary and Grievance

Disciplinary issues can be a minefield; unless you have the knowledge and confidence to manage them. We walk you through investigating and managing staff grievances.

Bullying and Harassment

Learn how to handle bullying and harassment complaints. By dealing with problems early and effectively you reduce the risk of them escalating.

Employment Contracts

Employment contracts are legally binding agreements between you and your employees. Acquire the knowledge and confidence to put effective contracts into place. You will also learn how and when to vary contracts and how to terminate them.

Resource Management and Recruitment

Successful resource planning and management will help your business grow. We will show you the skills you need and give you the confidence to use them. Learn about the recruitment of various types of workers and the key areas of induction.

Restructures and Redundancies

Reorganising or restructuring a business can be challenging. Learn how to manage a restructure and about redundancies. We will also introduce potentially more beneficial approaches to workforce reorganisation. Armed with this new knowledge you will have the confidence to move forward.

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Our courses are developed and delivered by a team of experienced employment lawyers and HR professionals.

If you would like further information about our employment law training services, please contact:

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