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Collaborative Law and Fixed Fee Divorce

A divorce can be one of the most stressful events in your life, but it doesn’t have to be.

Wallace Robinson & Morgan aim to make the whole process less stressful, for both you and your wallet. This is reflected in the services we offer.

Fixed Fee Divorce

We are pleased to be able to offer a fixed fee divorce package where this is appropriate.

We will undertake all work in connection with obtaining your divorce. This will include preparing the divorce petition and other necessary documentation, liaising with you, your partner and the Court and applying for the two Decrees required to finalise the divorce.

Please contact us to discuss your individual circumstances and we will give you full cost information.

Please note that this offer is subject to the divorce being undefended and without any unforeseen complications. It excludes work done in relation to the finances or any children.

Collaborative Law

Wallace Robinson & Morgan also offer an innovative new approach to resolving family matters.

We believe that, in the majority of cases, the best and most amicable solutions are those agreed between the couples themselves.

Collaborative Law allows couples to meet face to face, with the support of their respective solicitors, and discuss their views and suggestions for resolving the matter.

This enables couples to reach agreement without the need for costly, stressful and time-consuming Court battles. Everyone in the room has the common goal of finding the best solution for the couple and their family.

The benefits of Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law has numerous benefits: participants still have their own independent legal advisor but maintain control without being threatened by Court proceedings.

The couple set the agenda for each meeting, enabling them to discuss the issues that matter most to them and their family.

Furthermore, it is crucial for a harmonious future relationship, particularly when children are involved, to maintain communication between the parties, and Collaborative Law ensures this is achieved.

Contact Wallace Robinson & Morgan solicitors

Kathryn Ferris and Dipika Mistry are family lawyers at Wallace Robinson & Morgan solicitors.

They are members of ‘Resolution’, an organisation that promotes constructive, non-confrontational methods to resolving family disputes. Kathryn is also a qualified Collaborative Family Lawyer and offers the benefits of this revolutionary approach to her clients.

If you would like to discuss any family law issue, our fixed fee divorce offer or find out more about the Collaborative approach, please contact us on 0121 705 7571 or email

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