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Consent Orders

If you are in the process of obtaining a divorce, one of the most important things to consider is how the finances are to be resolved.

We believe that the most satisfactory, cost-effective and amicable way of determining this is to come to an agreement with your husband or wife.

Financial agreements and Consent Orders

If a financial agreement can be reached, we recommend you then have your settlement drawn up into a legally binding agreement called a Consent Order.

A Consent Order is a document explaining that you are both in agreement and setting out your intentions regarding things such as your pensions, the former matrimonial home and maintenance.

Main benefits of a Consent Order

The main benefit of a Consent Order is that it gives you security.

If, in the future, your former partner refuses to follow the agreement drawn up in the Consent Order, you can go to Court and prove you had agreed a settlement, which the Court can then enforce.

It also helps to avoid any later confusion or disagreement as both parties will have agreed the terms of the Consent Order, and a Judge will have confirmed the agreement is fair and reasonable in the circumstances.

Let us help

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