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Fixed Fee Divorce

Our family lawyers at Wallace Robinson & Morgan are pleased to offer a fixed fee for divorce proceedings where this is appopriate for your circumstances..

In these uncertain economic times we appreciate our clients need certainty regarding the cost of obtaining a divorce whilst still benefiting from the high quality advice and guidance our firm offers.

A quality service at a fixed cost

To reflect this, if you wish to commence divorce proceedings one of our fully qualified solicitors will discuss your individual circumstances with you and may be able to offer you our fixed fee service. Under the fixed fee service we will conduct your divorce procedure for a fixed fee subject to the divorce being undefended and without unforeseen complication. Please contact us to discuss your individual circumstances so that we can give you details of all the costs involved.

If your matter involves issues relating to children or finances then additional costs will apply and we will provide costs estimates at the outset which will be reviewed throughout.

Get in touch

If you wish to take advantage of this offer or discuss the finances or children then one of our solicitors would be happy to meet with you to provide further details.

To make an appointment please contact either Kathryn Ferris or Dipika Mistry on 0121 705 7571 or email us at

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