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Pet-Nups: Protection for Pets When a Relationship Ends

Pet lovers recognise the important part a pet can play in their family.

But what happens in the event of a divorce or separation? The decision as to whom any pet will stay with is often a heart wrenching one, and sometimes the deal-breaker on which an entire financial settlement hinges.

It can lead not only to a great deal of stress and anxiety, but also a significant escalation of costs.

Avoiding the situation

In order to avoid this situation arising many people are now sensibly turning to Pet-Nups. They set out exactly what will happen to any pets in the event of a separation or divorce.

This has the benefit of providing certainty and avoiding potential disputes regarding an often emotive subject at a time when there is already a great deal for the parties to think about.

How we can help

Our Family Law solicitors have the expertise to help draw up a Pet-Nup agreement that you and your partner both find agreeable.

If you are getting married or about to share a home with your partner, you may also want to consider a co-habitation agreement or a more comprehensive pre-nuptial agreement.

Contact us to talk to one of our specialist lawyers, Kathryn Ferris, who can advise you as to whether these agreements are right for you.

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